WIN a JK SPORT CAGE from Rock Hard 4x4!!

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Thanks WAL & Rock Hard for the opportunity. Originally found JKF when looking for resources for my new to me JKU and of course followed Eddie and crew over to WAL which has become my go-to resource for information and love the videos.
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When you need to do a bit of research on something and type it in your Google bar, and every single time in the top three is a forum with in depth discussion about said topic from subject matter experts....... That might the forum you wanna hook up with. That's what brought me to WAL. ImageUploadedByWAYALIFE1472682210.222076.jpg


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I came to Wayalife after watching their videos on YouTube. My goals are now set to have fun and adventurous offroad experiences, just like the Wayalife gang! ImageUploadedByWAYALIFE1472689904.861163.jpg


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Like so many other members here, the awesome YouTube videos brought me to Wayalife. I am a new Jeep owner (just since March 31, 2016) but have wanted one for over 15 years and now I'm finally living the dream! ImageUploadedByWAYALIFE1472693567.312277.jpg


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Rock Hard and Wayalife, two of the best things going on in the word of Jeep. I have been following along with Wayalife for sometime reading all of the how to articles and watching their videos (ForkYa). Just recently decided to join in on the fun and could not be happier. I have a number of Rock Hard products including rock sliders, and engine and trans skids. The sport cage would be the icing on the cake. JM9A5408.jpg


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I came over to Wayalife after watching all the videos on youtube and getting inspired to own a Jeep again!



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I was drawn to wayalife after following the awesomely produced Jeep adventures that Eddie has on YouTube shortly after buying my JK and it inspired me to build bigger and wheel harder!


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I came across Project JK when I first bought my Jeep and followed the link to Wayalife and since have learned so much cool stuff from you guys. I like the fact that the people on here actually wheel there jeeps so they can honestly say if a product is worth the money or not. I have also come to enjoy the family atmosphere, the bantering and the all out roasting of some of the dudes trying to use this site like CL, hahahaha!!!! Great stuff! I just want to say to all of you Guys, and Gals, this is why I have a jeep cause it is like a family, love em or hate em, still want to wheel with them cause they are good people in a world gone crazy! And yes I could really use this cage, thank you Rock Hard and thank you Wayalife!


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The project jk youtube videos are what originally got me looking into buying a jeep years ago. Once I did buy my jeep, I continued to watch the videos and then one day I decided to join the JK forum and then after a while I transitioned over to Wayalife. This is an awesome forum because there is so much helpful information and lots of pictures/videos from members and it is all organized very well.

Thanks to Rock Hard and Wayalife for this give away! Ive been wanting this sport cage forever!



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Like most, the how-to write ups and videos are what originally brought me to WaL.
The information and real world experience from its members are what made me stay.


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I remember all the Project-JK stuff and followed that. Been out of the Jeep game for a while but back and when I was reading all the hate on other forums I had to come over here and see what was going on. Needless to say I'm still here! It's a great forum and have learned a lot about JKs because of you all (I was a TJ guy). I had a Rock Hard cage on my TJ and they are AWESOME!! I'll either win or get one myself because it's on my mod list. Whoever wins it is going to be stoked! Truly amazing, high quality, well built products.

P.S. Don't judge me from that front end... That stupid front light brow thing got ripped off and tossed in the trash. My son liked the looks of it, so I got it so he would think it's cool, but couldn't take it anymore. Thankfully he finally agreed that it was goofy.

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I came to wayalife because I felt like it was one of the most informative forums out there. Plus the video rock. I have been lucky enough to have been to a couple of suds n' grub Northern Nevada and I must say what a great group of friendly easy going jeepers. I will miss the Nevada group now that I'm back in California. Doesn't seem to be to many of us here around the Pismo, Oceano, Grover Beach area. So I'll have to do a road trip to get my fix of WAYALIFERS , darn lol.


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Found Wayalife when I was first looking at trading in my truck for a JKU about a year ago. All of the awesome jeeps and the great community here and the amazing knowledge base convinced me that a JKU was the vehicle for me. I also showed my wife some of the videos and the awesome places that the jeep could take us and we are hooked. Thanks to Eddie and all of the more experienced members for sharing their knowledge of the jeeping!

Getting a cage would be sweet to keep the family safe while wheeling although it would be a while until I do anything crazy enough to need one out here in the Midwest.


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What brought me to WAYALIFE is that it seems to be a great group when I joined and still is. Even though I live on the East Coast I would enjoy making a trip out west to go on one of the runs WAYALIFE puts on. The write-ups on the website are very helpful as well as getting questions answered on the forum! The videos are great as well!


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My interest for WAYALIFE was sparked by one of their feature videos on Youtube called WILD WILD WEST. I've been a fan ever since, I look foward to the day I experience a trail run with the WAYALIFE crew. This roll cage would definitely help for future adventures.. Fingers crossed!!


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I first found Wayalife through their Youtube channel and the 4x4xplor write ups. Thanks Wayalife and Rock Hard for the opportunity to win a cage!


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I became a Wayalife follower after reaching out to Eddie about a gearing and rear tire Carrier question. His insight and thoroughness has been a hard to quantify force multiplier in getting things done on my Jeep.


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What brought me to Wayalife? The reason I signed up was another member that I got to talk to out in the Tampa Bay area.
A few times while driving around I saw a jeep with a Wayalife sticker on it and one day I pulled up to a fuel pump and one of them were in the stall next to me. We talked jeeps a little and he told me about this forum and about it being a great source of info and easy way to meet Jeeples.
He also told me to check out the YouTube videos sometime.
So I watched some videos and joined! Great move... Met some people since then that are cool, and gotten/given some opinions too.
I plan on making my way out of Florida as soon as my job lets me to get some better wheeling in. For now, I'm planing on a Moab/Rubicon trip with the family this coming fall/winter.
Anyway, thanks for the the opportunity, Wayalife and Hard Rock!
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