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    Rancho Measurements

    No worries :)
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    Rancho Measurements

    Shocks will have a RSXXXX part number. That "P" number is the production code Those coil part numbers are the correct ones for that system :) and are corner specific. I am guessing 065 (front) 066 (rear) on the last 3 digits of the shock Matt
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    Rancho Measurements

    What part numbers do you see :)
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    Rancho Measurements

    Look for part numbers on the shocks :) Measuring on a Jeep is a bit messy
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    Rancho Measurements

    Ask away :)
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    VIDEO : Ohlins Shocks - Are They as Good as They Look?

    Another great video :)
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    VIDEO : The Gold Standard of Shocks

    Going from a legit shock to a LEGIT SHOCK. :)
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    VIDEO : Wash Up on the Trail Like a Pro Using a RinseKit Portable Shower

    Is that a spare key upper left? LOL
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    VIDEO : Wash Up on the Trail Like a Pro Using a RinseKit Portable Shower

    Same place I saw it!!!! But I grabbed the handle and made it rain all over the booth... :) These are so cool!!! We use them to clean off our stuff at events.
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    VIDEO : How to Install a Lift Kit on a Jeep Wrangler JL for Beginners

    Not going to lie... haven't watched it all yet :) But as you know, I will.
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    MOAB EJS 2023 Concept Jeeps - Let Us Know what you Think!

    Always exciting to see these in person, all the little Easter eggs are fun to see, and to catch a glimpse of what may come.
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    Subed ;)
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    VIDEO : BEST Way to Start the NEW YEAR - NYKOR 2023

    I had to Google the art installation, that was cool to learn.
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    VIDEO : EVO Trailing Arms for a Jeep Gladiator Lets You Bomb Across the Desert

    @wayoflife thanks again for saving my wrist at SEMA by cutting of the bracelet!!! Cindy sorry I missed you. I saw Eddie 3+ times LOL
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