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  • I would go with the RS9000XL and our 4" coils. I run these on my JK (37" tires too) and a lot of weight and stable both on and off-road. I am able to crank the rear up and just leave it there, and have a nice ride. I know you mentioned the 5000X (great shock) but I would use the 9000XL's. Matt
    Hi there. I'm upgrading my 2015 JKU to a new axle and 37s. At the same time I'd like to swap out my springs and shocks. My Jeep is 5200lbs with no gear, tools...etc and half a tank of gas. What shocks and springs would you recommend? I have the 9000 adjustable series on my truck and haven't changed anything in two years so don't really think I need those, but have heard good things about the 5000X.
    Thanks for your help
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