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On the service side, they are pretty fantastic in my experience. I have the M/T III wheels and one kept losing air over time. Had my tires looked at 20 different ways and turns out the wheel was a leaker. M/T replaced it quickly and without too many questions. I'm sure there may have been a liability angle being a wheel something have happened, but they were quick to make it right.
Hello everyone. This is my first online forum. I read about the horrible AAA experience with the driver and subsequent correspondence with management. I just had to share some of my eperiences with AAA and other similar services.
Hi Cindy, I just clicked on the link posted on the web site ( email) and all I get is a message saying "OOOPS , we ran into some problems. The background has the WayaLife logo. This has been happening since you guys updated the site. Is it a glitch? If so, is there a work around?
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