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    Hack's 2000 XJ Build Thread

    Well, some bad luck for the XJ today. I rear ended a very nice guy in a Land Rover. :doh: Here is my poor old XJ: Here is what she did to the Land Rover:
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    Plan E

    Jkx 2015...
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    Who's in to vapeing?

    Well, I broke down and bought a smaller mod today, for obvious reasons. The iTaste 134 was just too damn big to carry around everywhere. I ended up grabbing an Eleaf iStick 30w for $50 at my local Vape shop. Thing is really great and has more features than the iTaste 134 at half the size and a...
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    Hack's 2000 XJ Build Thread

    Just found this pic in the glove box from the previous owner.
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    Hack's 2000 XJ Build Thread

    My apologies for not driving a vehicle that lives up to your high standards. This is my 5th Jeep, the last of which was a JK. FYI, I think you'd be in better company on almost any other forum on the web. :asshat: :cheesy::cheesy::cheesy: Let me guess, fhritp33?
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    Hack's 2000 XJ Build Thread

    Another snowstorm headed for RI...:eek:
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    CB Shopping

    I had a 4' Firestik that I mounted right to the back of my JK with an "L" bracket. Worked great and I got really nice reception.
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    Jeep Wrangler Door Thieves on the Loose in NJ!

    If you live near the Vineland, NJ area, beware of Jeep Wrangler door thieves that have been going on quite a spree as of late. Here's the article:
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    Hack's 2000 XJ Build Thread

    Well, this happened tonight while idling in the parking lot on break at work. :grayno: I tried to grab the code by doing the "key turn" trick that I used to use on my JK, but it didn't seem to work. I think I remember reading somewhere that the trick only works on the 96 and older XJ's. I...
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    Random Photos

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    Random Photos

    I made this for a buddy of mine who recently bought his first JK with some "factory mods" already installed. (He paid an extra 8k above sticker for mods that would've cost all of about 3k to buy and install.) Needless to say, I'll never let him live it down. :cheesy: The other night while...
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    show your jeep in snow

    Dumped on again today!
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    Cool Jeeps you've parked by

    Here's my XJ next to my buddy's new JK.
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    Hack's 2000 XJ Build Thread

    Here are a couple shots I found on the web of what the ZoneWorx light bars look like. This is the style I'm hoping for.
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    Super Bowl XLIX - Go Seahawks!

    Awwwwwwww, you mad bro? :doh:
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