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    Dynatrac rotors on back order for weeks

    Hi everyone, been a minute since I have been around. Browsed the site and saw a ton of familiar names. Hoping to not infringe on the forum rules here. Anyone with the Dynatrac Pro Grips have any issues with this set? I've ran them for two years now and my brake pads and rotors were worn down to...
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    What did Brown Santa show up with today..

    New diff cover and lube locker. Hooray.
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    DIY hard top hoist

    Hey all, spent the day fixing up a few screw hooks into my garage ceiling. Would like to shout out Eddie for this job. Thanks for the inspiration and the video you put up. It was helpful but of course no project is always the same so I had some stuff I had to work out on my own. 🤪 I used 4...
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    Waving hi...Again

    Helloooo again everyone Would like to say hi after I've been absent for many months due to various reasons but finally logged on to the site by computer for the first time and not my phone. Had the JL app forever and was never able to login. Unsure why that was/is. Glad I saw some familiar...
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    Offroad Evolution JK Half Doors

    Sorry guys, didnt see this until now. So I had to email Evo twice to get them to respond. They said that the hinges arent manufactured by Evo MFG (sort of ironic), and that they are going to get in touch with that hinge company and see what they will do. Emailed them way back on Sept 11th...
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    Freedom top panels

    Hey everybody, Had a fantastically dumb mishap with the freedom tops for my 17 JK. Called the dealer and mentally prepped my ears and mind for what I did not want to hear. They want just short of $900 for one side, and nearly $600 for the other side. 🤣 Anyone ever replace their freedom...
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    Baby Jeeps

    Fresh off the lot. Went down the road to get dinner at Chilis with mom and pop lol
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    Stubborn Diff cover removal

    I've been hacking away at my prorock diff cover up front to try and drain my fluid. I have a dead blow, I've taken razor to the outside layers sticking off the sides, tried wedging a screw driver in and I'm not getting any where. Used the screw driver on the backside and dead blow to try and...
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    Personalized License Plates - What's Yours Say?

    Trying to get this one but Illinois and their cool rules arent allowing it at this point.
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    Kill it With Fire

    [emoji107] the color, the star, the grill, the lights
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    Paddle boards

    Hey guys, Does anyone like to use a paddleboard? If you do are there any brands in particular you like? Size? I'd like something that could support a good amount of weight (I'm 6'2" at 220) and a dog (or two) on there as well. Though both on at once may only be wishful thinking. Seems like it...
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    got a little IG with about 5K jeepers

    I want you creeps out, get out of my forum you should eat prison food the rest of your life, get out of the forum!
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    Installed my new half doors

    Ordered up some Evo MFG half doors from Exodus. Finally got them painted (wizard black is the name of the color lol) by a place called CPC powder coating. They said it would match the granite color of the Jeep. That is up for debate but I think the color looks ok. Definitely not a perfect match...
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    Jeep dogs!!!

    Bo achieving the best ram air over the top
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    Show your Wrist Watch

    Works like a charm
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