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not the actual bike but only picture I could find of one 90ysr[1].jpg
but this was my first bike at 17 yrs old. great beginner bike 1990 ysr 80. wish I still had it sitting in basement. sold it about 10 years ago.


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A million miles ago at the Mo

bike at the mo.jpg bike car bike.jpg

I got my mc license about 30 years ago, my first bike was a Kawasaki EX500, after I crashed that, my (then) husband raced it with AFM at what was called Sears Point, he took 2nd place in Forumla Twins.

After that I had a beat up 250 Ninja for a while, it was fun for the Santa Cruz canyons. Also, I bet we put at least 5000 mi riding two up on his '86 FZ600 back in the day. At one point we had 15 motorcycles in the garage. (One for each kid, one for the dog, one for Sand Mountain, one for Black Rock etc)

Now I have this Suzuki SV650 and a Honda 230, they've been sitting and need carbs cleaned to get up and going. I don't have much opportunity to ride these days and no one to ride with so I'd prefer to sell them.


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For a first bike I would look at a Versys 650.

They are a great bike and have been bike of the year. Will fit a bigger guy well. Have plenty of power and more refined than the KLR. People do put dual sport tires on them for adv riding. You can get them for a cheap used with low miles. I have had a KLR also great bike, but the versys has a better suspension, better brakes, and a better motor. The Versys is a great bike. Also had a ninja 650 a great bike, but a guy your size may be a little cramped on it.

Love the Speed Triple. It is a great wheelie bike and from KTM the Super Duke is also a blast to ride. Most of your sport bikes are great fun.........above 140 mph. On the street, unless you ride around in 1st or 2nd gear, they are a dog. Most of them do not create smile power until you are above 8,000 rpm. So unless you put a big sprocket on the back of clutch them up, they are just ok on the street. If I remember right it was about 70 mph when coming out of 1st gear on the zx-14 if you are running it hard....

I currently ride a Concours-14....think zx-14 touring bike. Not as fast as a zx-14, but very fast for a touring bike. I have been in 46 of the lower 48 states with this bike and have close to 80,000 miles on this road bike.


Even drag raced it at times.
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