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    Wines of the Week

    Pre surgery wine;). CP couldn't drink so I'm finishing it today!!!
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    Get well soon crippledpetey

    We have been pre-occupied lately. I have refrained from commenting since it's not my battle to fight and none of my business to get involved ;) like Eddie said its between him and Rox. Hope everyone has a beautiful Wednesday and see u off road...once we get Dr.'s clearance[emoji2]
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    NORCAL: Rubicon Run - October 1-4

    Now back on topic... Jill hitting the Con for the first time in her jeep! Rocking it!!! The iconic bridge crossing!!! Panda's first bridge pic after many times across it!! The family and I had another great trip! Life is good! Every day is a gift and spending time with...
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    NORCAL: Rubicon Run - October 1-4

    She's ready to meet you guys !!!
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    Hard Rock sport cage padding

    I love my sport cage. I am not sure if I was sent the wrong covers for my windshield header bars but the covers are about 3 inches too long. I trimmed the foam but then put the covers on and they were too long. Do I need to try something else? Anyone else have this issue?
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    Mrs.2013rubirick build thread

    Looking Badass!
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    Mrs.2013rubirick build thread

    Hi Scott! Break! Long day!!!
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    NORCAL: MOAB 2016 - March 12th - 19th

    We went through a few bottles last year!
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    Lets see stickers !

    Fun keeping track of trails!
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    Lets see all the 4 doors!

    A little Easter Sunday rubicon snow!!! Our family is 4-door all the way!
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    The "Mid Life" buy thread

    Going with the bigger blacker!!!!
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    Mrs.2013rubirick build thread

    Got to love a woman who will get dirty and wrench on her jeep! The build continues!!!
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    iPhone 6 mount to sport cage.

    I used that mount, it's the lowest profile I could get with maximum adjustability. I used And To complete it!! Love it. Perfect for POV video or pics ;)
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    Jeep girls of wayalife!!!

    Rubicon trail Easter morning 2015- mine is the dark cherry red and my husband's is the white! Overlooking Moab! Cliffhanger trail-Moab 2015 Love topless season!! Teaching my girl early!!! Girls and jeeps go together like pb&j!! My boy loving the no doors on our annual Moab trek!!!
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