What was done to your rig this week?

I will say cutting 8” off each end would look -100 times better.
I think you're right and would be easy enough to do. But I'm gonna leave it as is, for now- and run a few trails.

Really, it's a place holder until I can afford the bumper I want. The factory bumper was flimsy and didn't stand up to impacts on steps & boulders. After removing the plastic cover, I noticed the steel liner was cracked. So, I built this one to protect the front end for now.

Posting such a plain Jane bumper to the forum was whimsey. I didn't think anyone would take it seriously.

No matter. I'm certain anyone from the forum would stop to lend a hand to another needing help on the trail.
My new bumper. Some assembly required-
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$30 worth of steel, a cutting wheel, a rattlecan and you’ve got a custom bumper
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Old School, like the bumper on dad’s old ‘48 Willys. It’s not sexy, it’s not fancy. But it’s trail worthy and a huge improvement over the factory POS.
Have you thought about also adding a very generous upper grille guard for increased protection?
You mean a hoop or stinger?
I did something similar on the TJ until I can find or build a bumper with the recessed winch mount had some tubing laying around built a small stinger/ hoop.


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Spent 3 hours installing a couple of zip ties and trimming the fender liners away from the sway bar links... :poop:

Well, that's what I ended up doing after spending all that time trying to get a dual ARB underhood mounted only to give up because there is no way it will fit with the coil over mounts.

My confidence level must have been high, I looked before removing the fender, took some measurements and my smart brain concluded right away it will not fit. However... where's the fun in that! follow the slightly retarded side of the brain, go forward and conquer!

100% clip breakage, they are very brittle and glad I ordered extra. The required amount online indicated 10, there are 11.

I even considered removing CO and bracket but thank god the smart side kicked me in the nuts and stopped me from listening to the overconfident retarded side.

Now to consider another plan that does not involve mounting it inside the Jeep.

My zip tie work, that's some fine work there 😂

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