Fuel Prices


Gas in the UK is now over $8.00 a gal (4 litres)...in France over $7.00, and in Norway over $10.00...
Europe has been a couple of dollars more than the US. Doesn't mean there is nothing that can be done for the US to lessen the pain.
This would be great.
Venezuela - $0.08
Libya: $0.12
Iran: $0.20
Syria: $1.08
Algeria: $1.19
Kuwait: $1.29


Demand was artificially low, way low. That was a result of crazy public health policies that locked down the world (and happened before Biden). It wasn’t that long ago that people on this forum were discussing how the world was ending because the price of crude was the lowest it had ever been. The pendulum swung fast, very fast, in the other direction and demand far outpaced supply. In either scenario, producers controlled the market to maximize profits. No doubt there are innumerable points where governmental policy also had an impact.

I’m sure someone on here smarter than I can state how long it actually takes to get a barrel of oil out of the ground and turn it into actual gas that is on the market and ready for consumption. Is it days, months, years?

Certainly, Biden’s anti-Dino energy policies will have an impact on supply and gas prices at some point. I just don’t believe that they have an impact in real time. So much about the global supply chain, including energy, was wrecked by failed health policies across the world that I think it is myopic to believe that simply changing presidents and firing up the drills will do much to prices in the near term. It will take years, if not decades, to recover from the supply chain (and other economic and social) issues caused by the pandemic.

The good news is I think some political tides will be changing. So, I will have the opportunity in the next several years to either eat my words or say “I told you so.”
I believe we do have means to at least soften the blow. Unlike other countries. Refining US oil on US soil has to be cheaper. Seems like common sense. Gas was on its way to these prices' way before the Russia/Ukraine thing.
Don't get me going on that weird ass war or invasion. Who would have thought the Ukraine was a SuperPower. Kicking the shit out of Russia like that. Every war since the first Gulf War has been 24/7 on the TV.
But it seems all the Ukrainians have all lost their cell phones. All they show is firing $$$$$$hit loads of rockets somewhere.


When do we send tanker ships to Venezuela to buy every drop they will sell us. They need the money and we need the gas. Win win


This graph clearly shows that fuel was at a low price before COVID.

I wish I was still paying $2.72 a gallon….

Anyone who does not understand that Biden and crew WANT fuel prices to go up is not listening to what Biden and crew are actually saying.
Feb 2021 it started it's climb. One year before the Russia bs.
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