ALL ELECTRIC Jeep Recon... Thoughts??

Jeep Recon - Love It or Hate It?

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  • Looks like a Bronco and Cherokee had sex but I could see me driving one

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  • Saving the planet is a priority of mine and I will for sure buy one just for that

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Electric vehicles just don't make much sense to me. I'm not against them as long as we still have the option to buy gasoline and diesel powered vehicles too. Sadly electric vehicles aren't as green as they appear on the surface. What it takes to mine the materials needed to produce a battery creates as much damage to the environment as simply burning fuels needed to propel our current gasoline and diesel vehicles. It bothers me that the electrical infrastructure simply isn't there to recharge vehicles and likewise we haven't built any new plants to refine gasoline and diesel products in many years. We are simply creating a "D Day" scenario in this country by not moving fast enough in any direction to insure for the future of transportation. In our area based on a Consumers Energy handout in my electric bill last month (I live in Michigan) only 10.5% of our electricity comes from renewable sources while 67.3% comes from burning coal, natural gas or oil. Clearly with a number this high, it only makes sense to me that we continue to burn gasoline or diesel rather than completely rebuild our electrical infrastructure to handle nothing but electric vehicles. Where I think the electric vehicle makes the most sense is as a short range commuter vehicle where multiple days of driving could occur before a recharge would be necessary. As the Sharks on Shark Tank say; this deal isn't in my best interest so therefore I'm out.


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Looks like a cross between a Bronco and a Bronco Sport. The grille is Grand Cherokee, but feels like it came off the new Electric Hummer. There are no Jeep styling cues in it at all. I think its a big miss.

Doors come off to up the range? :) Will it sell, I am sure it will; it looks attractive. We sure this is not April 1st?


I also see the offspring of a Bronco and Cherokee. Not looking forward to all electric but if I have to, I will consider it. Also liking the ranges, they are talking about. Next Car purchase is going to be a new Nissan Z anyway. Had a 240Z for about 20 years back in the day.


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So, if you haven't heard, Jeep just announced the plan for the future and... you guessed it, it involves their entire line up being electrified by 2025. And, I won't lie, I kinda like the Wagoneer S as it's been designed from the ground up to be something a Tesla owner might want. It's sleek, sexy and is supposed to clear 0-60 in 3.5 seconds. But, for the purposes of this post, I'd like to focus on the all new Recon. Clearly, this new model is designed with enough similarities of a Wrangler that it just might be a replacement for it or at the very least, something that will become the new flagship for Jeep. And, that's what I was hoping to get your 2¢ on. I would love to hear what you think about what you're seeing and hearing.

The All-new Jeep Recon: 100% Jeep; 100% Zero Emission
One of the first all-new electric SUVs that will launch in North America is the Jeep Recon.

This all-new vehicle is aimed at those who love to explore extreme adventures in near silence with a rugged, fully electric vehicle package.

The Jeep Recon is designed from the ground up to be 100% Jeep 4x4 and 100% zero emission. This SUV will be offered exclusively as a BEV, and it will enhance off-roading adventures with:

  • True trail-rated capability with Jeep Selec-Terrain traction management system, e-locker axle technology, under-body protection, tow hooks and aggressive off-road tires
  • Authentic Jeep open-air freedom with a one-touch powertop, removable doors and glass 
  • The latest generation Uconnect system, including detailed travel guides of the most notable off-road trails
“The all-new, all-electric Jeep Recon has the capability to cross the mighty Rubicon Trail, one of the most challenging off-road trails in the U.S., and reach the end of the trail with enough range to drive back to town and recharge,” said Meunier.

This global SUV will be displayed to the public next year and production will start in 2024 in North America. Customers in the U.S. will be able to make a reservation for the new Jeep Recon BEV SUV in early 2023. The Jeep Recon will be sold in major markets around the world, including Europe.

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Obviously, there were other models like the Wagoneer S that Jeep highlighted but the Avenger will be a European only model and really, I think the Recon is what most of us would be interested in. So again, I'd love to know what you think about it :)
For those of you who are interested, here are some shots of the Wagoneer S.

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An All-new, All-electric Wagoneer – The Art of American Premium
The Wagoneer family is also set to grow with an all-new SUV. Code-named Wagoneer S, this fully electric vehicle will continue to expand the brand’s presence in the premium SUV segment by offering a unique, sleek, aerodynamic design and 4x4 capability as standard, with all-terrain management, advanced Jeep brand-focused technology and impressive performance credentials.

This new, all-electric, global SUV will be offered exclusively as a BEV, targeting a range of 400 miles on a single charge, 600 hp and a 0-60 mph time of around 3.5 seconds.

With an exterior design marked by a signature LED-lit grille, this SUV is driven by aerodynamic efficiency, combined with the upright iconic Wagoneer side view.

“We’ll delight our customers with a premium, highly efficient SUV that is loaded with technology and high quality craftmanship, offering 4x4 capability, high performance, rapid acceleration and a target range of 400 miles on a single charge,” added Meunier.

The all-new Wagoneer BEV will also be displayed to the public next year and production will start in 2024 in North America. Customers in the U.S. will be able to make a reservation for this all-electric Wagoneer model in early 2023. It will be sold in major markets around the world, including Europe.
NOPE! I’m not digging it. All electric is a neat idea but, the reality is our power grid just won’t handle it if everyone get one. Just the other day, Commiefornia decried that no new gas powered cars may be sold by some arbitrarily determined date (2036 I think). Then, the very next day, they urged people to turn up their thermostats and refrain from charging their electric vehicles. WHAT??? So, let me get this straight. You want me to buy an EV BUT, you don’t want me to charge it?
Another concern is, where are the materials for all these batteries coming from and, why are the eco-Nazis not concerned with the effects of the mining process? On top of that, a replacement battery will cost $30,000! Oh sure, let me buy an EV for twice the price of a gas powered vehicle, break the power grid trying to charge it, spend an extra day charging it for every 300 miles it take to get to Grandma’s house, and then have to pay the cost of a new gas powered car when the battery dies. Who thinks this shit up?!?
When I first saw it I thought it was very Hummer H2ish. Not a fan, too many similarities to the hummer, wrangler, bronco and compass.
Hard pass for me. The Wagoneer S is nice but the price tag will probably be 60’s and above for a decent optioned one. I’m out!


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"Say it ain't so Joe!" I'm open to electric vehicles (sort of), but it took all I had to buy my 2012 Rubi and can't imagine what this new technology will cost. Besides, it has not so subtle notes of looking like you know who. Guess I'll go buy an old CJ and run it on Dino fuel 'til all the stations in my area are closed.


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There are 14,201,400 vehicles registered in California. Of those, there are 1.13 million electric cars on the road in California which accounts for 43% of all registered EVs nationwide. California is in danger of rolling blackouts right now. Say what you will about the cause, the bottom line is there's not enough electricity right now. Where are those amps gonna come from when the governments creates the conditions where only electric vehicles are allowed but there's no electrical production capacity? And that's just California.

And it's a real cool image of a Jeep charging station in the middle of nowhere. I can't wait for the Jamboree in Ouray in 10 years. Imagine the line at the Jeep charger on top of Engineer Pass. Great for a photo op. Less cool when there's 10-12 jeeps in line for 20-30 minutes of charge.

I'm sure lots of folks here have read the article about about the $29k replacement cost for the 2012 Chevy Volt with 70k miles. It's going to become very common. Here's another link about a girl who bought a 2014 Ford Focus EV with 60k miles. The battery in this case was $14k, not including labor. These cars aren't "old". But In both cases the batteries were obsolete. Anyone in the year 2032 want to take a chance on an 8 year used Jeep EV whose battery might be obsolete?

Lot's of people like to say that the "EV revolution" is the same as when the automobile replaced the horse and buggy but it's not. The performance difference just isn't there. And I'm not talking horsepower, torque, and 0-60 times. The people pushing EV to replace gasoline vehicles don't realize how much of their daily life relies on other people using gas a diesel vehicles. Not everyone lives in the city. Not everyone commutes to an office in a Tesla 3 but those seem to be the people with the tallest soapboxes.

I know Jeep has the 4Xe but it's clear that the push is to be zero emission is the popular direction. But I don't think it's the correct one at this stage. There's a reason Toyota chose PHEV instead of full EV.


1. I want the stability control delete they put on that Wrangler doing power slides in the snow. :mad:
2. If they can get the ranges of these into the 400 mile range & recharge times more reasonable I'm onboard.
3. Recon looks great for what it is - I love it. I'd buy one!
4. Electrics for the sake of satisfying any green environmental agenda is nonsense. If all of the negatives are looked at objectively they shouldn't even exist. But they do and they are absolutely coming no matter how much we bitch about them. At least they do have a bunch of upside
performance-wise. No cool vroom-vroom sounds, but they're a hoot to drive.
5. Wonder about the possibility of modifications to these. How would a set of 40's on an electric do? My bet is it'd be a disaster. So if you're looking for something capable and keeping mods to a minimum, which is probably 98% of the people out there, these will be fine.
6. Most important: If these are to replace the Wrangler - Hell no! If these are a Bronco competitor, bring it.


Like I said before really not interested in Electric, but you guys keep talking about range and CA this and CA that. I thought I heard them say ranges of 400 miles or kilometers, either way that's farther than my 3.8 can go now. And if Man can get 400 and 500 mile ranges out of an electric car, power grids can be strengthened as well. Thought Jeep left charger on the Rubicon when they unveiled the 4xe??


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Moab will have to upgrade their electrical grid if they want to continue with EJS? Because of the hot weather we've been asked in southern California to cut back on electricity including charging your EV's.


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First thing I noticed in the video was the prevalence of children. Thank you Jax age 7, Kylie age 8, and Aubre'e age 9. I'm not sure if Jeep has included children to this extent in any of their previous promotions. This seems to be a theme with eco green pursuationist.

The second thing I notice is the California license plate on the Recon. Normally, the license plates in these promotional photos and videos are typically generic like what they have on the white Grand Wagoneer. The Wagoneer S appears to have one of the new Michigan Water-
Winter Wonderland plates. Jeeps road test vehicles and EJS concepts always have Michigan plates.

Also, only the Wrangler 4XE was plugged in. I assume the other three are waiting for the mountain top charger.

It appears to me that Jeep is marketing to children living in California and Europe so by the time these vehicles are actually fully developed, deployed, and proven as a dependable transportation vehicle the younger generation will be primed to buy one of Jeeps fully electric vehicles.


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I am happy to buy the new electric Recon when gasoline powered cars are no longer allowed to be sold and gasoline is $100/gallon (or no longer available). I do need an assured 450 miles between charges and full charge needs to take no more than 45 minutes. Rapid battery swap technology is strongly preferred so I do not need to wait for a charge.

Otherwise, Mad Max will be my new way of living.

We will be like Cuba, keeping our old gasoline vehicles running.


looks to much like a BRonco knock off, I uderstand the coming of electric cars, guess I well have to live with it, but that doesnt mean it has to be plain, I think they should send one to Mel or Eddie for a shake down, unless their trying to hide some thing
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