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    Hello from Charleston SC!

    Welcome, My Oldest Son lives there.
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    Feds Will Require New Vehicles to Average at Least 40 MPG by 2026

    If this does happen. The Gov. will just raise Taxes on Fuel even higher and try to force people out of their older Cars. They will try and make it unaffordable for must of us.
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    Jeep dogs!!!

    This is Flash
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    Run2jeepn's JKU Build

    Got some work done out on our property, brought Flash with me to run.
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    Run2jeepn's JKU Build

    Just posting some pics of our Jeeps
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    Run2jeepn's JKU Build

    Picked up some GateKeeper Knucke Pod Mounts and Dual Pillar mounts. Just waiting on the Lights,
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    Rare Parts ball joints

    Nope not me, I don't go full retard, One should never go full retard.
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    Rare Parts ball joints

    There is another option too. Balljoint Deletes. I've been running American Offroads kit for little over a year. Zero Issues.
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    38's - Are They the New 37?

    I voted YES. I ran 36's and 38's TSL SX's on my old YJ. But when I ran them really only tire brand anyone ran was TSL's. A few already make 38's Toyo, Geolander, Patagonia......... My Problem is my choices get even slimmer running 18in wheels. Wish I had 17s.
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    Run2jeepn's JKU Build

    Got the Ole Jeep out and went Fishing.
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    Destroyed front LCA brackets. But what else?

    How's your Track bar look? I have one a member sent me. Before it arrived a found one local. So it's still seating in the box it came in. If you need it. It's yours. I hate to mention this, a hit that hard. You'll be lucky if that housing isn't bent too.
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    Regearing? An age old question..But wait, there's more.. how's your oil filter?

    I think 4.56 would be the sweet spot for those tire sizes. I have a Auto on 37s. They are worn down. So closer to a 35in tire. I had 4.88s and it would down shift on every hill. I re-geared to 5.38s and its much better. I can hold lower RPMs on the hills without dropping and downshifting. At...
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    Mishimotor Radiator Dead on Arrival

    Went through the same deal. Running a OEM replacement now.
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    Run2jeepn's JKU Build

    Well a Driving a bit now. My MPG is 15.4 over 2 full Tanks of gas. Not to bad. Not any Different then it really was with the 4.88s. While the Jeep was sitting at the Shop. I picked up a fury friend. Found chewed up Papers in my Glove Box. Then a few days later. He got in my Work bag and got...
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    Quarantine Trailer Project

    Awesome build
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