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Just got back from dropping the kid at school in up state New York. On the way home we drove a small part of the Lake Erie Wine Trail and made a few stops.

This Red Blend was from Sensory Winery. It had zero residual sugar, but still very heavy and not what I would call dry. Not terrible, but not good either.



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Been a long time since I’ve posted. My wine game is still going strong. Since today is National Red Wine Day, decide to go with a little twist. Red honey wine. Certainly more on dessert/port side of things if you’ve never had mead. This one was mixed with currants and blueberries.


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Rensselaer. The campus is impressive and Troy has a pretty cool downtown area.

I just hope that the university avoids any covid lockdowns.
Nice. That is a nice campus. I went to school about 45 minutes from there and had a friend that was from Troy. Went by the campus once.


Well I drink wine on occasion, but a bourbon neat then I’m game. So I’m drinking Thomas S. Moore port finished bourbon. Picture of my spare bottle great stuff B46F145B-0530-4A20-A5FF-A0CAF98EEDD7.jpeg


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I say close enough...haha. Does it have a sweeter side due to the port casks?
It does. Most bourbons are in a different cask for 6 months before bottling. Thomas s Moore keeps it the cask for 4 years. So you get more of the port flavor. To be a high rye and high proof it doesn’t have the burn you would expect. Definitely a bourbon you should try. You won’t regret it
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