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Not to compete with suds of the day, but nothing wrong with a little variety. Thought I would start this to see if others, like me, enjoy a nice bottle of vino now and then!

I'll start with what I'm sippin with the mrs. tonight. A nice port from Cali's central coast, which happens to be one of my fav areas. It's nicely aged from 2009. Yummy.



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Very nice. Have had that one. So is it two glasses for the wife and the bottle for you. 

No Jags. :grayno: There are only 4 glasses per bottle. The wife gets a half to one glass. I drink two glasses while she sips from hers. She falls asleep and I finish the last glass directly from the bottle. Then I move on to something with a little more kick like honey over.


Edit: It is a nice Chardonnay especially on sale for what I paid. ;)
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That's nearly how the wife and i share a bottle, except I have one glass and she drinks the rest. 😉 Cambria via Costco = good deal.

We were downing mimosas at brunch this morning, but forgot to snap a pic.


1361676388843.jpg what ever it is it was good and a fine 17% . Some sort of brandy wine.

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