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  • No I used grease. Again Bubba suggested it and it will dissipate and not affect anything. I actually forgot to put the wheel sensor hanger back on so I had to pull the shafts back out. So far so good and no leaks. Also while moving the axle around I tipped it and dumped a bit out of each axle tube so that may have helped too...haha. Tell me about cold it wasn't back east cold but when its in the mid forties sitting on concrete sucks. Fortunately my garage is insulated and with the door closed it wasn't too bad. It did make the welds cool a lot faster too.
    Thanks for the reply! How did the new shafts go? Did you use gear oil to slip through the seals? The longer I wait to do my upgrades, the bigger my pile of parts gets! LOL, the garage is a freaking ice box right now.
    Hi Jesse, Did you leave your old ball joints in while welding the Gussets? I was wondering about heat distortion on the forgings and leaving them in to keep the holes round. I have a similar pile of parts waiting in the garage and I have a ton of questions, hope you don't mind. Lol. Rob.
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