A Dirt Head's JK

Changed out the original brake pads with new ceramics today. The original set served me well and lasted right around 50k miles. I plan to swap out the rotors as well when I need another set of pads. So far the stock setup has done the job just fine for me with the 2 door on 35s.

Next upgrades are undoubtedly the shocks and a Warn winch.
Been super slammed at work recently and haven't been out and about in the Jeep much (apart from to and from work every day because it's my daily driver lol) but the shocks are supposed to arrive next week, then the winch shortly after!

I do have a trip to Borrego planned this month and then A2Z in early December!

Stoked to report that the Jeep currently has zero issues! (Knocking on wood...)

Out for a day in Carlsbad, California
Got this done over the weekend!


Rancho Shocks and Stabilizer, super happy with the outcome. Still in the process of breaking them in but so far they feel close to stock but with improved dampening (slightly softer) and of course more travel as I was running the stocks on extensions for quite some time before... Lol

Went with these as I didn't feel the need to break the bank on shocks just yet as I'm sure I'll bump up to a full blown coilover setup in the years to come, and I love how these are made in the USA as well! GoRancho!

Winch is coming next, should arrive soon 😎
Been a while since I've updated this thread but I have done a couple things to the Jeep and just got back from the New Year's run and went over what my Jeep needs next.

First, here's a couple small things I've done since last updating this thread:

New LED Tail Lights I bought off @Sylvester after he won them at the A2Z Overland Expo - They appear to be identical as JW Speaker ones and are most likely made in the same factory so what the hell, it's something different so I'll run them for a while. Dig the look for now and I got them for dirt cheap.

Still need to take a close up picture of them, but I won a pair of 3" spot pods that replaced my corroded set of Quadratec ones I ran for a while. These are from GG Ligting (at least that's what is inscribed on the top) who I believe had a display up at A2Z as well. They seem to perform better than my previous pair, and they're mounted in the same spot on the A-Pillar. Still plan to get Flex Era 4s up there but hey, both sets of lights I've had there now have been free. Can't complain. Lol

As @Moochie followed me all the way home after the run, I kept peering in my rear view at his Wayalife windshield decal and had to have one. Ordered that up today. Oh, and I've got a full set of 8 Control Arms on the way too. Another thanks to @Sylvester 's winnings and for a smoking deal 😂
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