4th of JULY WEEKEND - Who's Heading Out & Where is Your Jeep Taking You?


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Not a wheeling trip but I went to visit my dad and decided to stop here since it was only 10 miles away and gave me the opportunity to drive the short Kansas section of IMG_1007.jpg . Ran into these guys while there: IMG_1009.jpg IMG_1010.jpg IMG_1014.jpg . Disappointingly both of these places were closed: IMG_1008.jpg IMG_1005.jpg IMG_1006.jpg . Made the drive back to work more tolerable.

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Wheeling in the El Dorado National Forest with good friends. Is this a GREAT country or what? 20170624_153713.jpg IMG952964-1.jpg



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JeepDave15, a few friends and I got out over the weekend for a Mt Como run outside of Carson Valley. Freaking hot but awesome chill day. About a 55 mile loop with a bunch of old mines 20170702_102024.jpg 20170702_104932.jpg
Pretty cool shot of an old mine

Tried to take a an old 4wd trail that Gaia said was there and quickly found out it was washed out. Some of you pribably still say challenge accepted [emoji1]
Found some wild horses
Frealing hot so chillin in some shade at a natural spring on the east side of Sunrise pass before we cross back over toward Carson Valley

Anyway, it was great way to spend the day withfriends and family over the 4th weekend.

It's half past f'it with the CAPS lock on!


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Nothing fun. Came down to visit the in-laws for a bit. Need to get home before dark because our pups don't enjoy fireworks as much as we do. 😎

I did put the doors back on and enclosed the new soft top on for the first time in prep for our trip to Vegas next weekend...


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First time doing Mottino Wash and John Bull in Big Bear, CA. Super stoked to make it through both unlocked on a Dana 30!

Mottino Wash

"The Gatekeeper" on John Bull





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