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    Living the damn dream! Congratulations guys! There is a TON of potential in that property and those views!!!! Fantastic!
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    LS Radiator hose help

    This is not what you asked, but it may get you by... I have mocked up the shape of hose I need using paper towel tubes/wrapping paper tubes and duct tape. Measured the inside diameter of the hose I would need, and taken both my mocked up hose and the measurements to the local parts store. Almost...
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    HAZARD 4 Jeep Wrangler Headliner Carrying Case & 4Xe Deck - SEMA 2022

    To me, the shelf is ruined by the choice of edging. It looks like a table you'd find in a high school cafeteria. I would hate to watch it slowly get scratched up with use!
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    reprograming tire size

    I used the AEV Procal to adjust my tires, but have since purchased the BAFx module and use it with the OBD Fusion app to scan and reset codes on all of my OBDII vehicles. You probably already know this, but make sure to use the actual measurements of the tire and not the advertised measurements.
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    Factor 55 Winch Class

    I came to the videos to see what you meant, and did. I kept watching them because Cindy is a badass! Damn that girl can wheel! I have pulled a couple stumps but definitely need to create some practice scenarios to get some more real world experience before I actually need it! I thought I was...
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    Factor 55 Winch Class

    This kind of feedback is why I love this forum. I only get to go wheeling a couple times a year; so I come here to get the real story "from the field/trail" from guys with vastly more experience. So far for recovery, I have an ARB snatch strap, tree saver, snatch block, a couple extra D-rings, a...
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    Factor 55 Winch Class

    Cool! To confess, I had never heard of Factor 55 until this video... I kind of wish I still didn't know about them as I now see an entirely new pile of products I want! :ROFLMAO: Thanks for sharing!
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    What was done to your rig this week?

    I too am interested... My only concern is with the longevity of the bulbs - they may last forever or several individual bulbs or entire lights may burn out relatively quickly. With them not being replaceable, I would hate to pay $750 every time a bulb burned out. That said, they come with a 3...
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    In The Shop - Disciple Off Road

    Looks like you would need to run 4-6" more tire to just get clearance back to where it would be without the bracket...
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    Electric GT Jeep CJ-8 Scrambler - SEMA 2022

    That's usually enough for me! But not with vehicles and especially not in this case! 😂
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    2012 JKU automatic won't shift in manual mode

    Before I put the 4.10 axles in my 2012 I used the manual mode to try to avoid the irritation of driving it in town with "the wrong gears" for the tires I had on it. Now mine struggles to shift up or down causing me to wonder if there is a solenoid or a cable or something that can wear out... I...
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    74Weld Portal Axles

    To be clear, I am not advocating for this product, I know nothing about this company, nor am I interested in shelling out the kind of cash portal axles cost (e.g., the ones linked here are like $20k)! I have read several posts over the years on Wayalife about portal axles that are dismissive...
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    New Hurricane Engine Won't Fit Wrangler?

    Cool! I hadn't heard about this until this post. Found this article with some more details:
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    Rock sliders. Is it worth it to keep OEM rubi rails?

    I initially had Rubi Rails on my 2012 JK 2-Door, but horror stories about body damage from rock pivoting caused me to explore other options... I was torn between RockHard products - they are a Nebraska company and I live in Nebraska; so I wanted to support local and found their products to be...
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    HELP!! 2013 JKU Electrical Issue. What is this??

    When my 2012 started doing this it was the wiring to the drivers side cam position sensor. You can potentially verify this by resetting the code to get all the lights off and then, with the engine running, reach in and wiggle the wiring connected to the cam position sensor to see if the lights...
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