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    Adventures of a Hemi JK

    Man I definitely is. You can light the tires up at 35mph 😅 luckily I’m not a burnout guy with the price of 40s
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    Fishbone Tackle Rack

    Nice rack! 😂
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    Adventures of a Hemi JK

    Been there on a 44… Hoping to pick up a full float next year. In the mean time I’m looking into spare shafts for the rear…
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    Adventures of a Hemi JK

    A new rear is on the short list… although this axle has been under it for about a decade with supposedly no issues and tough wheeling… we’ll see about that…
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    Adventures of a Hemi JK

    My last Jeep was getting dangerously close to pulling the trigger on some wontons when a deal popped up that was too good to be true. In fact I was literally joking about it to my wife when she asked why I wasn’t going for it. Ended up selling my 10A to buy this 2008 Rubicon with a 6.1L Hemi...
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    Making half doors from full doors

    very nice! I have a set of front full doors I’ve been considering doing this to for about 2 years
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    Re-wave from TX!

    Hey y’all, been a while since I’ve been on. As some may remember, about a year and a half ago I flew out to Cali and picked up Highway Trouts 10A JKU. For a while I’ve been wanting to step up into a big boy rig and was about to pull the trigger on building tons. Before I could find a set I...
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    SPOTTED: Any 4X4 other than a Jeep JK/JL Wrangler

    A town near me is raffling off this 1956 Kaiser Firetruck. Pretty badass
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    Merry Christmas, ya filthy animals! 🤪
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    Voodoo "Made in the USA"?

    What are the odds just the tag was made in China 🤪 I know I know, probably slim to none…
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    2016 throttle pisses me off

    Thank you! I’ll try to download Jscan and get it setup before the Jeep Experience this weekend 🤪
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    2016 throttle pisses me off

    Didn’t know I could do it with Jscan rather than a switch. I’ll have to check it out
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    Texas Jeep Experience

    Hopefully next year works out! They had a bit of a late notice this year
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    Texas Jeep Experience

    It’s Friday to Sunday, wheeling on Saturday and Sunday. Dinner provided both nights typically and camp fire to hang out around. Last year they had a band and a raffle on Saturday night. im head out Friday after work and likely coming back Saturday night to be home for Sunday.
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    Texas Jeep Experience

    Is anyone planning on heading to the Halloween Texas Jeep Experience? I’m headed up on Friday night, not sure if I’m going for difficult or moderate difficulty just yet… hmmm 37s and JK rubi axles, chromo shafts…
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