What was done to your rig this week?


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You can grind and fill them and then coat it. Not too hard.
How do I fix these? Seems like I have salt or something coming up every time it gets wet.


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I like that garage floor. I need to do that to mine but I have so many cracks and holes where the floor is crumbling. I’m jealous. Lol
How do I fix these? Seems like I have salt or something coming up every time it gets wet.
Thanks. 3rd house I've done it on. It's not expensive but does require some prep work. One of my other places had massive cracks about an inch wide and a good half inch in height difference. You can see how much the slab dropped by looking at the crooked garage door. The crack was a trip hazard prior to repair.

You could do it yourself like I did in the pictures below or you could rent/hire a large concrete sander (3 foot diameter). I used a four inch grinder with a concrete grinder and filled cracks with quickrete repair (comes in caulking tubes). It's not perfect but way better. You can only see the cracks at certain angles now. Dusty job. I used tall black trim on the floor in today's picture and that really provides a clean look imo.

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Made a cheap rolling door rack for my Jeep. $5 in pool noodles and a clothing rack we weren’t using later and it was done! Very easy.
This is only the third time I’ve ever had doors off my Jeep (this is my second Jeep). Hoping I’ll be able to go all week with them off 🤙
The kiddos are keeping me from taking the rear doors off. A 10 month old isn’t really good for the doors off gig lol my 5 year old, he’d probably be OK.
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