What was done to your rig this week?


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Rear main seal. I have a stroker coming in December but it was leaking so bad I was concerned it would completely fail.


Just had 5.13s installed by Hammer Down Offroad in Mont Alto, PA. Rick did a great job at a extremely fair price. Check him out if you are in the PA, MD area.


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Got my new to me EVO liners installed. Thanks Clay (AZVA). I think they mounted up nicely with the Nemesis fenders.
Only thing I need to work on is the CO reservoirs. Really no access to the adjusters. Any ideas on how to mount for better access ??
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Dropped the Jeep off at Motech a few days ago to have some additional trans cooling added similar to Moby . Summer time will tell but it looks like about a 30 degree drop in temps . I pushed it a little bit on the way home the highest temp I saw was 147 without running the fans .
Rail cooler on the passenger side and dual fan cooler where the muffler used to live.


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Finally got the elements mounted on the slide and bolted to the bed of the JTR. Used M8 bolts and nutserts on the ridges of the bed. Much more peace of mind leaving it outside while shopping and it won’t bounce all over the place when I go over speed bumps.

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Looks great! I need to do this for my fridge but still deciding if I want the decked system or not.

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My father in law stopped by today, said his Jeep was making an odd clunking sound and felt really washy in the ass end. So took a look for him and found this. So pulled it apart and got it back together for him.


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