2017 SEMA Currie Blue Jeep JK Wrangler Unlimited


Meme King
Finally a Hydro with bronze wheels! Now I can show the wife what I been talking about for over a year! Nice looking ride! Headlights do look like they’re gonna fall out tho. Lol. ��

The older WRX rally car had a similar color theme. Absolutely love it.


Caught the Bug
What’s up with the headlights? Looks like they’re going to fall out.

Truck lights look the same way, the housing just sticks put through the bezel more

What flares is it running? They look plastic instead of steel.

Very nice! Really like the fenders, don't think I have seen them on anything before.

They look like the Crawler Concepts fenders. I ran them on my old Jeep, they have steel and aluminum options


This one looks good. I'm still not a fan of the spare tire delete. Jeeps look funny to me without one hanging off the back.
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