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    VIDEO : Where in the Hell Have We Been?

    Eddie and Cindy you both are incredible people. To put your lives on hold to help your parents speaks volumes of your character. Take care old friends. Bless you and your parents! Maybe someday we can meet up.

    Starter Replacement

    I think I'm going to need to replace my starter, it makes a weird noise right after startup that lasts a second. Has anyone changed out their starter? Pretty basic install?

    Self Cleaning Paint

    Wouldn't it be cool if Jeep could come up with something like this? Except for the Get It Muddy guys who naturally like a muddy jeep.

    Central California Trails Are Now Open

    I am glad to announce, the following trails are now opened for the season: Red Mountain OHV area: Red Lake trail West Lake trail Strawberry Lake trail Mirror Lake trail Coyote Lake trail East of Shaver Lake: Bald Mt trail Brewer Lake trail Swamp Lake trail Spanish Lake trail Dusy/Ershim...

    2009 unlimited hardtop for sale Fresno, CA

    I have a used 09 freedom top hardtop for sale, some minor scratches, all hardware included. $1000.00 firm pick-up only

    In Honor Of........

    To raise awareness of the many Fallen or Wounded Soldiers and the Charities who support them and their families I've started this thread. I'm not asking for donations to paint my Jeep, or sponsors to build it, and I'm not trying to sell a trinket, but I am asking my fellow peeps to find it in...

    Fallen Heros Jeep - Eddie is Anti-Veterans

    Well, I posted on the Fallen Heroes FB page, I said " A lot of info on your jeep, but not one mention of one Fallen Hero, no one, not one name." And it was deleted in just a couple seconds, and so I tried to respond again and got this.....

    Wines of the Week

    It's actually pretty good! Happy New Years everyone!!!

    Suds of the Day

    Drink local...!!!!!
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    Random Photos

    I seen Sharkey at the long beach aquarium today. Smile Sharkey!!!!
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    2013 Central California Trail Conditions, Reports, & Updates

    This is the list of approved campgrounds where campfires are permitted.
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    2013 Central California Trail Conditions, Reports, & Updates

    ***************** UPDATED August 31st ******************** Well Folks it's that time of the year again. Many our popular local trails are on the verge of opening. I will update this thread when new info is made available. Due to drought like conditions this year in the Sierras, I do anticipate...
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    Random Photos

    Seen this at Big Hat Days in Clovis over the weekend and it reminded me of good times with good friends! That my friend is a Honey wind chime!
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    Cloud pics here.

    The lighting storm from Easter Sunday. There's clouds ;)
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