What's your view like at work?


You do only f-16s or everything else in the book? Ospreys, black hawks drones etc etc

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If I make rank I can move between F-16, F-15, A-10 and the U-2. Other ACFT (aircraft) maintainer jobs are able to move between more airframes than my job though. I don't know how it works between the other branch's though. The good part of only working one ACFT is I know a lot of the jobs to fix/troubleshoot issues that arise. When I was younger I wouldn't mind moving to a different ACFT but I'm getting kinda too crusty and stubborn now to want swap to different one.


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As a backpacking guide. I guess this is my office I guess? IMG_4912.jpg IMG_5500.jpg

2009 JK sunset orange, inner tub line-X'd, 35's, Cage type roof rack, bed lined inner hard top, 12k winch, Tepui RTT, and other overpriced pieces of jeep stuff
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