What did Brown Santa show up with today..


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Think I got a package. Thanks Discount tire direct.



After a recent outing with rocks involved, we ended up with the most damage we've ever had. The past few weeks have been spent in recovery mode.

We originally went with EVO armor for our JK. Some of that, well, doesn't look the same anymore. And, the tank skid definitely has taken on a new shape. So, time for new more-complete armor.

The evap box was torqued about as much as it could be, without breaking the evap condensor itself. That will get relocated with better armor as well.



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New Steering Stabilizer.... again. Rebound isn’t even close to how bad the Rancho 7000 was. I’ll get it mounted and test drive to confirm there is no Pull. But I don’t doubt Bubbas advice. Thanks Exodus Jeeps. [emoji481]

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