VIDEO : MAKING of a LEGEND Part 2 - Taking Our Gladiator to the Next Level


Wait until you start loading tools, recovery gear, fluids, camping stuff, fishing gear...RTT...


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Wait until you start loading tools, recovery gear, fluids, camping stuff, fishing gear...RTT...

The rear does not have coilovers, and I haven’t fully committed to that idea yet. If I do go with coilovers in the rear it won’t be EVO’s kit, and will certainly get a heavier spring rate than the front.

I did come up with a pretty great idea on the spare this weekend that I think you’d like. Once finish the rack design I’ll run it by you.

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So cool to see the evolution of your JT. Can't wait to see it in action and here what you have to say about it's performance. I think I had owned my JK 2 months and it had 1500 miles on it when I lifted mine. It was crazy to think about cutting everything off which is why I did it myself even though I had no idea what I doing...haha.

Fun to watch. That King warehouse is huge! Just curious why ORE used a torch vs plasma for cutting off the brackets? I saw they switched to plasma for the frame cutout.

I was wondering the same thing. Thanks for the answer Eddie.

I think it would be nerve racking to watch somebody taking a torch to my brand new Jeep, but it is looking great. Thanks for sharing the build with us.

That's why I did mine myself rolling around on the floor with a cutoff wheel and grinder. Big difference is it took me 3.5 weeks to get it all done...haha.


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so much so fast! maybe there is something to "friends in low places" :cheesy:

The beadlock shot, was that WD40 sprayed under the ring and then the bolt holes on the ring?


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These are great videos! I know it’s tough to get the vids put together the way you want and meet your high standards, so thank you so much!
I love the UD60s. These are awesome products, to be sure!!
One hell of a JT build!!

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Finally getting caught up on this. Such an massive amount of work is such a short period of time. Have the right contacts can make all the difference on getting something turned around in a hurry. Absolutely amazing guys!

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