VIDEO : JEEP GLADIATOR Truck Highlights & Close Up Look at the 2018 LA Auto Show


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I can't imagine it being better than my 2018 Power Wagon...which I mean, if you're a real man, that's what you drive for a pick up.. or a Raptor. Ha!.

I knew the power wagon comments were eventually going to show up. No diesel option is retarded. And it’s a completely different buyer and market who’s looking at full size trucks. This is not for them.

As for the Ford. I’m more than a little pissed they discontinued the V8 for the Raptor. For me it’s sacrileges to offer anything but a V8 in a truck like that.



No, no, people who are- strange or odd from a conventional viewpoint; unusually different; or of a questionable nature or character; suspicious; shady; not feeling physically right or well; giddy, faint, or qualmish.....These people are not the only ones who bought Four doors, there were five normal people who are not queer, that bought them too

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I'm trying to think of the normal five mentioned in this post, and for the life of me, I can't think of their names. I know it's none of us !
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