VIDEO : GO WIDE - Why You Want a 72.5” Dynatrac XD60 / PRO 1550 Front Axle


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Great video! It's also great to see a company that keeps moving forward in their designs and engineering. Looks like every part of that new axle is stronger, lighter and able to perform better.

It's one of the things we love most about Dynatrac. Anyone can run old junkyard axles but they're always trying to push the envelope and make things better. :thumb:

Great video and awesome axle! Didn't realize that they were fabbed by hand... Makes the price tag more understandable. 😎

Believe me, there is a ton more that you didn't get to see. Due to time constraints we had to leave a ton of steps out and this is to say nothing about the manufacturing and milling down of components.

Awesome seeing a whole axle being built from the ground up!

Believe me, for us as well. This is the first time we've seen the whole process from start to finish and man, was it ever educational!

Great video! Crazy the amount of engineering that goes into making Dynatrac the axle of choice for most. Very impressive

Loved the video and explanations. So much respect for the products Dynatrac puts out.

They really are passionate about what they do and it shows.


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Loved it! So much goes into it! I need to go back again later and watch it again lol

LOL!! Believe me, I think you could watch it a few times and not still get it all :crazyeyes:

well damn looks like I know what set up to start saving up for once I get my jeep paid off lol

While we love our ProRock 60s, this new XD60 and setup the way it is really is the new mark to be shooting for!

I never get tired of seeing axle build videos that you guys make, they just get better each time. Love how informative this one was, and it really explains the whole axle and why its much better.

Thank you, we're so glad to hear you enjoy them and find them to be informative. :yup:

Great video! I really enjoyed it. Learned a lot.
Thank you

Awesome, we're glad to hear it :cool:


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This was a great video. I love seeing all that goes into building one of these axles and more so that Dynatrac won't settle for anything and continue to push the industry forward. Thanks for putting that together!
Eddie I saw this last night when going to bed and I had to stay up to watch it and I'm very glad I did! It was very helpful and you learn something new everyday! Thanks for another sweet video [emoji106]

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Eddie, how much bumpstop are you running on that compared to beforehand? And also compared to on a stock 44? I'm always curious about the dynatrac 60 axles but haven't seen any specific numbers regarding how much uptravel is available with them.

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Its a great video. I was curious how long it actually took to get the gears set up. I've heard it takes a lot of put it together and take it apart. I know it was a bit more than the 2 mins the video illustrated...haha. His comment about "going by feel" takes a certain kind of experience to get that right. I'm sure those guys as well as EVO's gear man have it down and would make it look easy. Plus having a fresh axle with no grease or oil make it a lot cleaner I'm sure.


I had to re-watch this again...I'm going the exact same route with mu Brute in the summer...
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