The rise of Olaf The JL


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Olaf made it to the tire man today.

Got a set of 37" Toyos slightly used for half price. They went on the stock wheels for now. Maybe next year we will add a set of beadlocks.

For now, it is a happy looking Jeep 😁


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37s look perfect on the JL. Nice find

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Thanks, it was a great deal at the right time.

Lots of smiles. Looking really good!

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Thanks. Yours is no slouch either.

Watch out... She's really gonna leave you in the dust now. 😎

Olaf's looking great! 👍

Build Thread - Adventures of Fiona -

Thanks James!

I know. Her Olaf rides better, is great with the 8 speed, and gets better fuel mileage.

I found the secret to stay in front. Go at night. Olaf is bland as a bat at night. Those stock lights suck bad.

That tank top says it all [emoji106][emoji106][emoji106]

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One happy Jeep Girl there.


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So, after the tires went on, we headed out to find a trail to test it out on.

Well, the state highway was closed about a half mile before the trailhead😭

So we regrouped and decided to take a roundabout way to the hills. At the end of the pavement there was a "Road Closed" sign, but on the side, not blocking the whole road.

Let's check this out😁

We drove a while and found a small Creek had washed the road out, but not bad.

Then we found a nice place in the afternoon sun to pose.


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On up the road was a small washout.

It looked like a good place to flex, so Digger had to show Olaf how it's done.

Olaf was a quick study, and got a good pose going.

Just a slight rub on the rear inner fender at the rear, just like in Eddie's early video. I will have to massage it with a heat gun.

Then we headed up the road, figuring the fun was over.


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After the flex shots, we came around the corner to no more road🤯

This might be fun😁😁

Got a nice little rock garden where once was a road. The Road Closed sign makes more sense now, unless you have a Jeep. Then it is a good playground 😁


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Looking Good. Looks like a nice road to do a flex test when I get back to the house. Hopefully it will still be half closed then.LOL


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Well, one more thing.

I got the Warn VR10 mounted.

I cut some strips, 1/4" x 1-1/2" plate and frilled it to cover the too big holes in the mounting plate.

Now, there are two sets of slots. One is too far right, the other too far left, and not really enough room in between for another set of holes to get the winch to line up with the fairlead.

To add to this, the fairlead is offset in the bumper, and does not need to be. The whole thing is close, but just a little bit off center.

It does work good though, and a test pull slid my JK with the brakes locked on the top layer of cable. 😀

Made for a happy Jeep girl.


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Looking Good. Looks like a nice road to do a flex test when I get back to the house. Hopefully it will still be half closed then.LOL

Well, if you seen all the pics, it will be a while before it gets fixed.

I don't think this is high on the county's list.

Of course, when they do start working on it, they may make sure it is really closed.


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Cool I like it.

Thanks. Looks like you are on your way as well.

Nice pair of jeeps...good that you’re out on some dirt...

Thanks Ed. Have to get out as much as possible.

Your Jeeps look great!!


Looks good. Double the expensive hobby...haha. looks like the wife has taken a real liking to it!

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Yes, she did, and you are right, plus double the wrenching with two Jeeps to feed and care for.

She is having a great time with it.


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Well, Becky finally got Saturday's off.
I was supposed to work on her first Saturday off, but I found a way to work Sunday instead so we could hit the trails.

Didn't get it figured out until late Friday, so not much planning.

We went up to Gold Mountain to start with. That went well, and we had plenty of time so we headed to John Bull to finish the day.

On the way there, she felt a little steering wheel shake. We stopped and checked it out. Play at the TRE from the drag link to the pitman arm!

Only 9,000 miles, and only the last thousand or so on 37s. That is disappointing to say the least. Well, we weren't going to let that ruin the day, so off we went.

I managed to take all the hard lines without getting stuck this time, and we got her and Olaf through without a scratch, except on the skid plates and rock sliders.

Sorry I didn't have more notice so others could join in. Maybe next time.

Here are some pics of the day


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