Onlyone’s Sarge Diesel JLU

All mounted up wishing it already looked like this. Wish I would have had my lift with me….dang it!848BC8AD-FB02-4B23-84FA-51F69C98745F.jpeg

Nope. It’s saggy. Lol

On to the suffering……up and down. It’s leg day.

Big shout out to @Discount Tire they did a fast and efficient job getting these mounted and didn’t even charge me. How’s that possible! Thank you! 👊
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That looks cool! I love that green. How does it drive with the Diesel engine?
Thank you! It’s an amazing amount of torque that keeps pulling. I won’t go back to a gas unless it was an affordable 5.7. Even then the power is phenomenal in the diesel.
Got spare tire and wheel mounted to factory sport mount. Installed ARB plate relocation, 2875F0A9-282E-4B4B-90EE-743BD0AF8CF5.jpegB93C9F3D-5F9E-4134-8CE0-E42D024813B7.jpeg4577B609-5EB6-4398-B9F4-1557AA5F8ADD.jpegCA22AB84-EBAB-49D1-8B41-DE469389D687.jpegB951D1FC-D20E-4237-8211-A7D680E79BE3.jpegusing the factory wiring and used some old bumpstops for spacers on the tire bumpers.


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