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I am ordering a bottle jack and wanted to buy an axle cradle but thought I could make that shit out of scrap pieces, so here’s the process…

I measured the PR44 axle tube and rear D44 tube OD.
PR44 - 3.00” OD
D44 - 3.170”

I decided to make the cradle 3.250” so I cut two cradle pieces out of 3/16” plate.
Bottom plate is 3/8” plate cut length and end caps are 1/8”. Why different? Because I had scrap pieces that size!

fit ups below

Then welded shit together for a bit!

354FB548-79C5-4247-AA21-67DCE24595E5.jpeg AC46C986-3F25-4D1E-934C-55F10E6D1E74.jpeg A8E23A7E-3EC2-454B-BCC0-59F2BE022ECD.jpeg
Gotta let it cool off for a bit before cleaning it up and painting. I’ll probably wait for the bottle jack to come it before I weld on a piece of pipe on the bottom to hold it on the jack.
It’s beer thirty!!


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I took the side piece to a local Offroad park called Hawks Pride in Tuscumbia, AL last weekend and really bang d up the OEM gas tank skid, so I installed a new 3/16” gas tank skid plate over the OEM skid plate. Went on easier than I expected.
33EB58F9-76B2-45F3-A8C6-F5C11B84D6E0.jpeg 4902B8F5-EED2-4EBE-9473-568C72C403B0.jpeg

Also found my front driver side spring rotated out of the lower perch…again for the 3rd time. I fabricated a “keeper” bracket out of scrap 16 gauge sheet metal while I had it apart. Another excuse to use the MIG welder! 🤪

C85677D9-DBD6-451B-BAD0-0E1C9C7D8AB4.jpeg A102A44E-0CEA-4BA1-B5D8-2B925E38FEFC.jpeg CF0303AB-D5FF-4D8B-84BB-7BF11F036C37.jpeg 778D9D22-2129-4F9E-A995-2A5AA110B975.jpeg


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My side piece has the JK lean and has been bothering me for a while, so I decided to fix it. After measuring all 4 corners and testing with a jack, I decided to install a 1” spacer above the rear passenger spring.

Here are the A/F and A/L measurements.


the measurements show 1/4” lean on the front and level in the back, I may put a 1/2” spacer on top of my front passenger spring to completely level it out. That’s for another day though!

pics of the spacer installed n the rear.

9118A242-89CD-432A-9EDB-368F08B9F841.jpeg F974BB43-D770-4254-B8F9-A457987596F9.jpeg


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Took the wife and my side piece to Stoney Lonesome park yesterday and had a blast. She doesn’t really care for the rock crawling, but seemed to have a good time yesterday. She rode half the day in my buddy’s razor, but won’t hold that against her!! 🤪
I’m happy to report the spring keeper I built, worked very well! Not spring movement after two wheeling trips! Success!!!

here are a few shots of Stoney
15CEB515-4F80-4FC8-A1E3-022D9A7A66E2.jpeg B47C39F9-AF12-4C3A-B1F3-A1DC718173CD.jpeg A9AB5B79-AB5C-40F9-80F8-2442E30FC6CD.jpeg 20730532-75BA-401E-BCC1-8F3EEBF67985.jpeg 8F00F5E9-E4E6-4853-9324-DD7E3BCED819.jpeg


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We have gotten turned around four times in the last 6 months on trails due to downed trees. Two times have been pretty nasty having to back out over the rocks, ledges, etc. Every time no one in the group had a chainsaw, so the newest project comes about….a chainsaw rack for the Side Piece.
I’ve got a gas chainsaw that gets used at the house but didn’t want to smell the gas and have oil leak in the Jeep so I designed and fabbed a tire carrier mount for the chainsaw. Been sketching this thing out for awhile and finally started cutting metal.
It is fabricated from 1/4” A36 plate.
9C5C3D54-A591-49AC-8518-C5DEDA6D9C85.jpeg 24A7847F-3322-4437-B61F-97F2DD595663.jpeg 972AAAF6-8CFE-484F-92CD-DA4790A0930F.jpeg 9590A98D-FC4C-4B72-97AB-16263E15C2D3.jpeg 27862562-E248-40B5-A5F7-A82247168146.jpeg 827034E8-C821-45D2-9C53-F1820D01A6F3.jpeg A0AA9C10-6995-40B5-BA44-7FC90D5B03ED.jpeg BE24A022-A706-45C4-BE0F-7FB874ED47F6.jpeg 2C023ACE-C9C2-4146-9B37-DF35D6088E7A.jpeg 875A0508-9494-4E7D-BB38-FBAA54B63687.jpeg
Next up….

rattle can paint!!
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Got it painted and straps installed today. Don’t like the blue straps but for $5, 🤷‍♂️. Would be better with black.

I hate the damned ShittyBuilt tire carrier but it actually has a really great mounting point for bullshit like this. 😂 7232EF06-2F80-4676-920E-4CC0107853C1.jpeg 552BAC56-E083-423F-815D-3F69097DC0BC.jpeg D9BA6CD9-DD6A-4E9C-A6A4-8BEF4C8D7876.jpeg 3778D78A-7D4B-41EE-8138-C32DC24ADBE2.jpeg AFD0BF9A-FBCC-4B84-9672-09EC26203AA4.jpeg 28081613-4947-4433-819C-A51BD01E863F.jpeg


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I can see the practicality, but I'm not sure how anyone thinks they'll ever get a date with axes, shovels, and chainsaws hanging from their jeep. :oops:
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