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On my Rubicon I’ve got the 3” Evo enforcer with adjustable 2.5 king shocks and front hydraulic bump stops.

When the king bumps make contact with the metal 3” stops is it a noticeable clap/thud/clunk?

I’ve got a noise/feeling like that in my front end as my front end cycles at anything more than a crawl that I can’t seem to replicate when someone can watch.

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King bumpstops

I've got the same noise and was able to zero it down to just that...the bump stops hitting the pads...mine would do it going into driveways at an angle with a little speed...


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Snap a picture of how it sits on the ground and post it. Also check the nitrogen pressure if you can, every single King I've ever boughten came under pressurized.

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Absolutely not. You need a manifold to check pressure in shocks. With the small volume that’s in there you will lose a lot of pressure just checking them.

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Well damn, I suppose I need to do some research into servicing my own shocks now that I have Kings

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What others have said, you need something like this.


You can make your own too.
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