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My most common copilot when I go out wheeling with friends is my daughter she loves the jeep and what she calls rocking (that phrase started with her on the rubicon) I'm sure I'm not the only proud parent of a jeep kid ... so here are some shots of her on various trips

This is her on her second birthday and her first trip

Her and I at loon lake IMG_5611.JPG

Playing on a Christmas run with a local club IMG_5612.JPG

Badwater basin down in Death Valley and defense mine IMG_5081.jpg IMG_5609.JPG

I am more recent snow run IMG_5533.jpg
And her favorite spot to sit in the driveway IMG_5576.jpg
I'm always excited to take her to new and fun places with the jeep

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Awesome thread. Our kids love helping out with the Jeeps and wheeling as well. I only have one picture handy right now.



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Thats awesome man. My son was a big reason why i bought my jeep. We do alot of camping and the mustang just wasn't cutting it. Now he keeps looking online for his first jeep. I got 4 years so i guess i better start saving!!!

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Here are my jeep kids. I have only had this jeep a week but my son remembers the old jeep and was really excited when I bought this one.

IMG_5020 copy.jpg

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My youngest, informing me there is a lot of damage under there!


My daughters posing


My youngest daughter driving the Jeep off road for her birthday last year


My three youngest helping me test the tube doors I made



My son, 3 y/o, screams at the top of his lungs whenever he sees an orange Jeep. Sometimes I feel like he's embarrassed to be seen in our blue JKU.

The goal is to keep Betty running for a long time so we can hand it off to him.


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My boys are the reason I got my Jeep too. My dad built go carts for my brother and I when we were kids. I wanted to start a new tradition, so we got a jeep 1111161149_HDR.jpg

I take my oldest "blue dirt bike" and my youngest throws rocks in the mud and stomps in mud puddles 0422171349.jpg

Sometimes the rocks put him to sleep. 0311171515.jpg

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Great thread!

My 11 month old Jeep girl

My now 6 year old jeep girl. She was about 4 in this picture

Both of them cruising last weekend

They both love the jeep. My 6 year old always picks the jeep when I ask her which vehicle she wants us to take when we go somewhere.

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