Fuel Prices


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Wow!! $2.59 a gallon. That's crazy. We're at 3.15 I think last time I got gas here in Wisconsin


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I think I saw $3.69 as well today. I have to fill up tomorrow so I'll look then. I saw $3.43 like 2 weeks ago but now its on the rise. :grayno:


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Gotta love it when you can fill up for under $50.00. A few months ago it would have cost me $80.00 or more. What's everyone else paying now?

Here in Quebec it's around 1.30$ the quart. So it's around 5$ the gallon :eek: :gaah: It's a real pain in the ass when you go to the gas station. Oh and it's only regular unleaded (87).

For the same number of gallon your get, I paid around 90$ this week :banghead:.
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