Afton Canyon Campground October 27th, 28th and 29th.


Caught the Bug
Hey Everyone,

I have to postpone this trip for a few weeks. I have one 6ry old down with bronchitis and his twin sister just starting to run high fever. I won't have them again till the day we leave and don't want to run the risk is bailing out last minute on everyone. Sorry to do this but it would make for a terrible time to lug 3 kids to the desert and have them all be sick.

Of course anyone who still wants to go! You have a group and a place. I will re post soon for a different trip.

The spots at the Campground are first come first serve!! This will be a family friendly event however I encourage anyone and everyone to bring some [emoji481] alcohol [emoji481] and have a good time. Please be mindful to pack out what you pack in and be respectful of those in the campground not affiliated with our group. Hope to see a few of you web wheelers our there ... cough cough Frank....

It's $6.00 a night for a space there are (20 of them) also 2 group spots to be had. First person there can pay and reserve sports for others that are coming in later or next morning.


Who's In:

2. Jesse3638/Lisa3638
3. IBeHeWhoIsJoshua
4. Crystaliner
5. BaddestCross
6. HazMatJK

1. my_jk
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Damn I was on the list before I even saw this. I'm in!..haha please add Lisa3638 as well.

Edit: I'll grab a stack of Afton Canyon trail network maps from work too. There is a lot to explore well off the beaten path.

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