12 JKU sport build


Caught the Bug
So after a Month of waiting to fix my CEL for my oil pressure switch, I finally was able to fix it. Ended up switching out the complete assembly with the oil cooler and oil filter.

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On a previous post I was planning on jumping to 37s due to a good deal on 37s and get a new front axle on the near future. I decided against this, as I want to do it right. I decided to go with 35s this time around again. And over the next year or two, replace the front axle, regear/lock the rear, and get the tires and wheels I want last. When I make the jump, I also want my suspension to be ready for anything. So I will be going coil overs and long arms also.



Caught the Bug
So last weekend, we had planned on a Gulches trip to stretch the legs on my rig. Along with seeing what the Jeep can accomplish before I lock the rear and slap in a 44 with a locker up front. But last weekend, scheduling didn’t work out for me to make the trip. So we postponed until this weekend, come to find out, it’s going to be closed due to rain. Eventually I’ll make it to Gulches, lol. But as it looks this weekend, I’ll be getting the Jeep dirty on some local trails.
I am also curious how my new tires will handle in the mud and dirt.


Caught the Bug
Been a little while since an update on my trails and Jeep life. I need to get myself back in the habit of getting online. Between work, kids, school classes, and just life in general, the Jeep has become more of a daily with little off-roading.

Apart from small easy local trails, me and buddy did a 2 day camping trip on some trails across GA.

Day 1 camping

Day 2 camping


unfortunately shortly after this trip my clutch started slipping. I decided to park it to not do any more damage to anything. As I am positive one of the reason the clutch started going out is from running 3.21 gears with 35s.

We tackled the clutch this past weekend, with a few more things to do before getting back on the road. I plan to order a new front driveshaft, fix my leaking front differential, remount the exhaust system.


On another note.

Happy 4th of July fellow Jeepers and Wayalifers.
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