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Hey, was browsing the buy/sell/trade forum and noticed I couldn’t see photos. Does ‘Active’ mean an active user or is there a subscription? How do I subscribe if so?

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There isn't a hard cut answer to this other than someone that at least participates on a regular basis. There are constantly jackasses that post up their shit for sale with their first post - nope - you're gonna get scorched for that.
Or the idiots that come calling whenever a vendor is gracious enough to sponsor a giveaway - that brings the first posters from out of the woodwork for sure.
Honestly, IMHO, you've been around and participated enough that you should be ok.

Just remember that this is a community, not just a forum. A lot of us know each other and have met in person so this is a big group of friends here, not just anonymous keyboard warriors as the trolls put it.
There is no subscription, you just need to be active as has already been stated. Just keep it up and the forum software will automatically give you access.
How long (years, posts, etc) do we need to be continually active before the forum makes us active?

I mostly see forum old-timers being 'active' and wonder if newer members will ever become active.
You have not posted in ideal threads that unlock level 57 and grant you the hidden wayalife tokens. Patience, young grasshopper and good things will come.
Probably one becomes 'active' by wheeling with Eddy over huge rocks or a 10 foot waterfall.




I'm sure it's probably both number of posts, reactions, and a time factor, there's scumbags (a lot of scumbags) out there that join forums for no other reason than ripping people off. Hop on every day and answer a question for someone (if you know the answer), make a comment on a thread, post a joke, get to know some folks and let them get to know you, anything that shows your not just here for the sale section. And keep it up, you'll get there.
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