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  • Hi there quick question. On a Rubicon 44 front if I've changed the inner axle seals what else could make the passenger side axle leak? Thanks, Lee
    Hey man, just read your post about fixing that renegade control arm. In your oppinion is that a permanent fix? I have a 16 renegade that I bent the arm on, vehicle has 6k miles on it and dealership wants $250 for a new arm. Is pressing it back strait good as new for plenty of miles to come?
    Hello Eddie it's Serj again .. so I'm trying to get my jeep asap so I can start wheeling w u guys hopefully I'm getting offer on 2017 rubicon 45k plus tax ... d you have any sudjustion for me ??
    Oh man, I am so sorry that I missed your message Samgm until now. If you're still in the area, the Aweful Aweful burger you can get at the Nugget or High Sierra Brewery inside Baldini's is an area specific burger and a local favorite. Otherwise, BurgerMe is pretty good too. As far as trails go, I suppose it depends on where you're off to. I hope you had fun.
    Hi eddie, passing through reno bout hour, u reccomend a good burger place, and a very short trail lol
    Hi Eddie Thank you for adding me 😊!!! I got my first jeep this year so I'm new to the world of jeeps.. I'm loving everything about it! Jeep people are awesome !!! This forum is too 😀!!!!
    Hi Eddie, Thank you for the Welcome. I just joined and not sure how this all works. But, I have a question. . . Regarding switching an existing radio, "Uconnect 130 with Sirius XM satellite radio" in my 2013 Jeep Wrangler Sport. Can I replace it with a "Uconnect 430/430N", that is out of a 2013 Jeep Rubican? ? ? Can anyone tell me if this is a easy, possible switch? Thank you.
    Hi Eddie, I'm a big fan of Jeeps and hope to one day take a trip with you guys. I have a question regarding MoTech install, if you get a moment would you please pm me.
    Thank you & hope all is well, keep up the great trips & post!
    Thanks for all you do for the Jeep community and all the knowledge you provide for Jeepers such as myself! I now run Dynatrac axles because of Wayalife and I love them!
    Hey Eddie thanks for the add
    Sending my jeep in to off road evolution on the 23 for a new build can't wait
    Maybe I'll see you on the trails one day
    Tim blue
    Thank you for accepting me into an online community, that from what I've seen, is friendly, well informed, and mature, surely the only one of its kind. Add to it, the opportunity to discover some fellow jeep lovers that use their vehicles for more than a fashion accessory here in my area. This is the highlight of my week. Our jeep is a member of our family, as it should be, so getting out and doing some trail rides, or some meet ups with like minded people. So if you know of anyone that lives just northwest of Atlanta, it would be much appreciated.
    Please remove my account and every post I have made. People are putting my personal information on here
    LoD makes a great tire carriers that will suit your needs and even offers them in an single handed operation setup that allows you to open it with your tailgate door. I have run them in the past and I think you'd be happy with it.
    Hi Eddie,
    I am a forum member and really enjoy your pics and adventures. I live in Houston. Wanted to get a new rear bumper / tire carrier and need advice. I have 35's Nitto Trail Grapplers on 18" Fuel Wheels. Not hugely heavy but the tire carrier I have does not feel secure. I want one that attaches onto the bumper instead of just the door. I know you have seen some breaks in some carriers and would like advice on your 3 top picks of the swing out variety. Much appreciated. Debbie Sokol
    When will you be announcing the newbie run details? I 'm in Wyoming but have roots in Cali and would like to attend this event as someone new to off roading.
    Sorry to bother you brother.......I tried to make contact with Brian (Brainchild) in regards to the sale of his Jeep by messaging him and got no reply back. I wanted to know if the sale of his Jeep to Jservais was final or if it's still available.

    Thank you in advance,
    Bob Wood
    Good morning Eddie, I am very interested in Brian's. I did message him thru the chat, but do you have a phone number or email for him? My email is jservais@cox.net and my cell is 602-410-2118. Thank you and hope you are doing well. Jason Servais
    Hey Eddie

    My name is David Ball from Kinston, NC. Just wanted to say that I'm happy to be apart of the forum. I'm hoping one of these I will own a jeep myself it has been a life long dream to own one. But from all videos that I have seen of the JK Experience its amazing everything that yall carry the jeeps through. I also wanna say thank you for all that you do. I read that story about vengence and I thought it was the most amazing thing I've ever seen done in support of one person and his family.

    with the shiny side up and all 4 on the floor

    David Ball
    Hi Eddy.
    i want to say thank you, watching your many vids on youtube is what helped me finaly decide to get my JKUS and alot of the things i have done and am looking at doing to it as well.
    Thanks again from Perth in Australia.
    HILLZ a.k.a. Scott
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