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    Door cart DIY

    Looking to buy another place and move... so the wife’s “suggestions” of purging has begun. 2 old furniture Dollys were on the list to be thrown away.... decided to repurpose them and throw away the generator that sat on them for 15 years without being used, ever. I didn’t think they...
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    NO LIFT & 37's on a JL WRANGLER - Can it be done?

    NO LIFT & 37's on a JL WRANGLER - Can it be done? I’ll just leave this here
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    Bump while driving

    Found this under my passenger seat. Hopefully the bump goes away now. Haha
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    Bump while driving

    2017 JKU, pretty much stock, except a few cosmetic upgrades (bumpers), 31k Miles, never wheeled too hard. Lately I’ve noticed a jolt when starting from a stop or slow roll while in city driving. I have been trying to figure out if it’s worthy of a dealership visit, but I’d like to narrow it...
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    AC Compressor

    Best offer Happy Friday!
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    What's your view like at work?

    Nice day yesterday. My view changes pretty often but I seem to be at the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago whenever it’s nice out
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    What's your view like at work?

    It was nice but the temp Dropped and now the rain started... glad we got a couple nice afternoons to get me ready for topless weather!
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    What's your view like at work?

    Nice day in Chicago today
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    Who manufactures the Oscar Mike bumper for FCA?

    Seems like a good deal for a few hundred bucks. [emoji1303] Sent from my iPhone using WAYALIFE mobile app
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    Kill it With Fire

    Just In case anyone is interested.... 🤢
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    Yup...would've pooped my pants! Jeep and trees don't mix

    My next piece of armor...
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    Riddle me this

    Step 1: remain calm. Had the same thing happen when trying to get a set of locks off with no key. Ended up breaking one off with about 3/16” left to work with. Bought a set of these and gave it hell with impact. Eventually it grabbed and pulled it right out. PB blast the crap out of it...
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    Kill it With Fire

    This appeared in my mirrors on the way home today. Immediately thought about what Eddie said about face lifts.
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    Too tall for JL, any solutions?

    Had to.
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    New Half Doors

    Saw this on TV promoting the Auto Show. Will the new half doors have some sort of pop out panel to make them pseudo tubular? If so, perhaps they’ll be some similar aftermarket options made for JK.
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