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    ACC BAR : The NEW & Improved WAYALIFE CB BAR

    The struggle is real ONLY having Moby. Lol.
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    Whiskey of the Day

    It’s hard to find. And never at MSRP. Looked up and down CA and parts of AZ.
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    Whiskey of the Day

    I’ve seen a couple of those listed for more than that. Also found a couple of 12s for less, which I snagged. 🥃
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    What in the actual fuck. 3 days difference and this guy went sideways.
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    ACC BAR : Jeep JL Wrangler / JT Gladiator Overhead Accessory Mount INSTALLATION

    If I buy this, try to install, don’t like it, slightly scratch it……… in about 60 days can you please send me pre-paid return label, shipping box and promptly credit my account. thanks in advance. Lol. on the real, looks great. 😎
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    A2Z Overland Camp & Expo - December 9th-11th 2022

    As has gone life the last many years. This event is on the exact dates both kids fly home for winter break. 😩
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    WAYALIFE on the GO : Miscellaneous Photos from Cindy & Eddie!

    Happy b-lated birthday! Wait….an offer? Do tell. Been super busy of late with the new gig and life and must have missed the precursor.
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    Whiskey of the Day

    Spent the weekend visiting my son out at ASU. Stopped by a local liquor store. Picked up a couple souvenirs. The rebel was a private exclusive barrel to Trevor’s in Scottsdale. Great find. Pic of most the fam, minus my daughter who’s up in Santa Cruz.
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    VIDEO : EVO Trailing Arms for a Jeep Gladiator Lets You Bomb Across the Desert

    I just binged watch all the SEMA vids back to back. This test run was pretty impressive. Mel stepped up his game taking race car parts and perfectly adapting for the JT. Score for you guys!!
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    PREVIEW : EVO'd Up WAYALIFE Jeep JT Gladiator - SEMA 2022

    Only laughing at the first sentence. Otherwise, can’t wait to see the final as been follow ling along on Mel’s pages. 😎
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    GAS PUMP PARKERS - Prickheads that Need to be Kicked in the NUTS

    Oh yeah. Hate these fuckers. Especially at Sam’s club or Costco when I’m trying to save some $$$ on a fill up.
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    What Will be the 2022 SEMA Show 4X4 of the Year? NOT Bronco!

    Ok. I realize it’s not jeep related or even 4x4 related. But I’m really curious to see all that will be showing for the new Nissan Z. And of course, any refinements to wrangler products or surprise new product launches.
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    ACC BAR : The NEW & Improved WAYALIFE CB BAR

    Looks great. Especially with the wire loom.
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    ONE WEEK till SEMA 2022!!

    ^^^ Seems all the bronco hype has died down a bit. Or at least it’s not everywhere on my YouTube feed like it was. Hopefully quite a bit more jeep/JL stuff than last year.
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    ONE WEEK till SEMA 2022!!

    It SEMA, that’s just a given. Lol.
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