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    WIN a JK SPORT CAGE from Rock Hard 4x4!!

    Originally it was the badass videos that bright me to wayalife. They depicted a lifestyle and whole lot of fun that I wanted to participate in. Then the forum proved itself to be a good resource for accurate information based on real experiences. That was a welcome change from mostly seeing a...
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    Shrockworks or LOD Sliders

    Wayalife Crew, I've been looking at getting new sliders since my PS ones are getting pretty bent up. I've decided to get a sturdy frame mounted design and am interested in the sliders made by Shrockworks and LOD. I've seen a lot of old posts about shrockworks and generally people like them. I've...
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    July 16 - Denver Area Run - Spring Creek (No Stockers)

    I got some of the views and the group. I'm not a very good photographer haha! And a couple my buddy got of me: I guess I should have taken more of everyone else while I was watching. Oops lol
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    Yes you can pull a trailer with your JK Unlimited

    Here's our set up below. Camper: Comet RT10. Jeep: 3" plush rides/King 2.5s, 37s and 4.88s. The trailer has brakes and I don't think the jeep needs upgraded brakes at all. Works great. The plush rides do squat a bit in the rear when loaded (see pic) but I'll be adding a weight distribution hitch...
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    Side marker light after a fender hackin'

    I used these 3/4 inch lights I bought off Amazon. Need to drill a hole for them. Just wish I got the 3 wire ones instead of the 2 wire so they would blink with turn signal when the headlights aren't on. I wired then into the front turn signal and they work great but only when the headlights are on.
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    What an awesome giveaway!! I need this cage to keep my family and I safe. I've seen them in action in rollovers and they always get the job done! Thanks for the opportunity guys!!
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    WIN a NEW Painless Trail Rocker JK Jeep Accessory Control System!!

    This is great!! Cool system and an awesome opportunity!! Here's my set up ready for some exploring:
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    JEEP MEMES - Let's see em!!

    Liked these:
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    Random Photos

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    What did Brown Santa show up with today..

    Being my own Santa I picked up some clicky clicky shock bling!
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    Random Photos

    Double the spoilers for double the lameness! Lol
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    It's a pussy move to pretend other forums don't exist

    This seems fitting:
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    What Upgrade? Long Arm or Chromoly Shafts?

    I've been wanting to upgrade my suspension with a long arm kit (thinking Full Traction) but was also wanting to upgrade my D44s with chromoly shafts. What's everyone's opinion on what to do first? Reasoning: I was wanting chromoly shafts for strength and reliability and long arms for better...
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    Hi There From Denver

    Hello all, Just wanted to say hi and introduce myself and my ride. I just bought a 2014 JKU Rubicon a week ago and am loving it. It's all stock for now but I'm thoroughly impressed with its capabilitites already. I'm in the Air Force and currently statoined in Denver and looking forward to...
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