Wire harness


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This is a Quadretec wire harness that gives you switched power with the key. Plugs in to the back of the lighter. I think it is only for a JK. Shoot me your address if you can use it

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What exactly does this do?

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12 Volt Power Adapter that plugs into the rear of the front cig lighter.

"Add accessory power that's ignition switched to operate accessories such as CB radios, radar detectors, portable GPS, iPod, satellite radio, auxiliary lighting and more. The JK uses a CANbus system consisting of multiple micro-controllers needed to communicate with each other. The only switched ignition lead available to tap into is located behind the lower dash power port. This is the only place that a switched accessory can safely be attached. This is an easy way to add accessories without causing damage to the electrical system. The kit allows you to neatly wire accessories that are switched on and off with the ignition key. Kits includes a "plug and play" wire harness with a in-line fuse and ground. Simple to install with fully detailed instructions."
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