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Caught the Bug
This was actually really tasty. But I really like ZINS and this is 70%. And Chronic’s prices make it extra appealing. Truth be told, you can grab this one at many local stores. I’ll be buying more when they have the next 20% off 4 bottles. Cheaper than in the tasting room.

Just grab 4 and tell Lisa you only bought two for after the baby. The only 2 are up to you what you say. Lol.
Haha that's a good idea. We'll for my birthday next month she suggested we go to Temecula and she'd watch me drink wine...haha.

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Caught the Bug
Had this the other night in honor of Andy’s birthday...wife was out of town visiting her mom in I had to drink it all by my lonesome...the things I do for friends...

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Caught the Bug
SOFAKING jealous of your wine collection... How in the hell am I ever going to be able to store wine for 20 years when I drink wine faster than I can collect it.
That's my problem as well... I have an order coming in here soon but have a feeling it will be gone before I know it. :cry:


Caught the Bug
Since this is wines “of the week,” the first is from tonight while the others are from a little vaca up in Lake Tahoe with the wife and kids for spring break last week.

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