Why Ram


I'm glad I am not in the market for a new truck of any brand right now. Pricing and availability are both way out of line.

I was a long time Ram pickup owner & driver, starting with a 1999 Extended Cab 1500 with a 5.2L gas engine:


My next Ram was a 2007 2500 MegaCab with a Cummins.:


Following the "MegaCan" I purchased a 2014 2500 Crew Cab with a Cummins:

14 65.jpg

Unfortunately, I didn't get the expected service life out of that 2014 due to an inattentive driver running a red light while texting:

14 66.jpg

Replacing the 2014 crew cab was a 2017 2500 Cummins crew cab:


When I no longer needed a large pickup for work and play I purchased the Willys. It has the same paint code (PXR) as the 2017 Ram but it looks totally different. That's probably due to the difference in body shapes.

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