What, if any, ECM reprogrammers are people using/recomending?


I'm looking at the Bulldog or Diablo for my 2013 JKU to adjust tires gearing, transmission shift points and performance/economy/trail riding configurations (turning fans on 100% of the time while on trail/winching, 93/91 octane performance tune, and economy tunes). What do you guys use?
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I have superchips. I have been very happy with it. Adjust lights and everything you mentioned. I installed led headlights and had daytime running lights. They flickered so I bought the superchips programmer to fix that. I run 35's and it helped fuel mileage also.

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I also have the Superchips programmer the TD2. Like wardfu said you can adjust everything you mentioned. I have had the TD2 since it came out and it works great.

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I have the Superchips Flashpaq. It's ok for gears/tires and a few other odds and ends but personally I find the tunes to be a complete waste of time. The only thing I liked about any of the tunes was the throttle response. Otherwise I think the stock tune runs better then any of the Superchips ones.


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I have the Bullydog on mine. Did not notice any difference and ended up going back to stock and now only use it to monitor stuff like voltage, coolant and transmission oil temp, etc.

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