What bolts do you carry?


Caught the Bug
I've been accumulating extra bolts as I fix and repair things, but I'd like to build a kit with 2 or 3 of each type of bolt on my 2020 JTR. Has anyone already done this? Is there a definitive list of Bolts for JT? What are you carrying?


Meme King
I've always carried a small bag of either grade 8 or grade 10 bolts. 14mm, 12mm, 1/2" , 3/8" , etc. Different lengths too. All bolts with matching washers and nuts. Likely on a newer vehicle, you won't break a bolt, but if you do, just having something to repair it and get you back home is my thought.


Caught the Bug
I mainly carry bolts for my control arms and shocks/coilovers. They've been known to fall off if you don't check them regularly. A couple of extra lug nuts wouldn't hurt as well.
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