Wife just got the “service air suspension immediately” on the WK2 this am. Pretty sure we are still within warranty. Will find out this afternoon. Regardless, been a skeptic on the quadralift setup since day one regardless of how well it rides. Anyone know anything about the Old man emu replacement setup?

Defeats the purpose of spending that kind of $$ on the Trailhawk with it’s features, but if it eliminates this Achilles heel and keeps us from having to pay the 4-7k to fix it out of warranty...

Either way, it would look better permanently at off-road 2 height sitting on 33’s

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Jeep seems to be screwing up right and left. Time to hit the reset button and start over with the ol willeys again.


Yeah, would love to but wifes not keen as cash is tight due to the pending move. Picked her up, headed back up to the park n ride, popped the hood poked my nose around. The 40a fuse had blown. Ran to the parts store, picked up a few replacements, plugged a new one in and everything works. Cycled it up and down a few times, no wierd sounds. Had her drive it around the parking lot and checked everything again. Still fine. Figured the stealership was across town so we wagon trained it over there since the appt was scheduled but still nothing once we got there so we headed home. I’ll keep an eye on it but am racking my brains trying to figure out the initial cause as that fuse is there theoretically to protect the motor from burning up.
After 4+ hrs at the parking lot this morning before we got back to it, to check it out it was still sitting at normal height. When I drove it to the parts store it rode fine. Certainly was not down on the bump stops. [emoji848]
Here’s to hoping it was a fluke. In the meantime I turned off the lower to exit to minimize the air system adjustments. Just need to get to the other side of this move and then will re-assess. I have no doubt I will be gutting this system to go to coils....and 33’s. Looks “right” at that height [emoji39]

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My wife has a 2019 Grand Cherokee Trailhawk as well. We had the same thing happen. Truck only had about 5K miles on it. Turned out to just be the fuse. Replaced it and it hasn't happened since.
I agree...to me...the air suspension is really only good in theory. It is disappointing as I'd love to put a lift on her truck and 33s but didn't realize till after we bought it that you can't with the air suspension.
Would love to hear more of what you have found. Can the air system be removed at a later date...ie ...after warranty?

EDIT-- Just looked at the Rocky Road option. Not an option on my truck yet as it has less than 10K on it. But would definitely do it after warranty.
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I had a ‘13 GC Trailhawk, and a ‘16 Summit. Both had air suspension. I never had problems with either of them. Hopefully it was just a fluke. It was a disappointing suspension. I took my wife’s ‘13 GC Trailhawk to Sedona once, when we lived in Prescott, AZ. In either of the offroad modes, it’s so stiff that I couldn’t stand it.

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We have the air suspension on several of our rams with over 100k miles now and have a few small issues but nothing major. I think a blown bag was the worst and it was well under $1k repaired. The do seem to get softer as they age but so it goes with suspension parts. Having driven ‘19 rams with it, it seems like each generation is getting better and gives me hope that the next gen GC and wagoneers will be even better. If you’ve ever driven any of the euro cars with air, they seem to be about 10yrs ahead on the tuning and have gotten really good rides now.

Off road 1 is supposed to ride stiffer and off road 2 is not comfortable as it’s supposed to be a “cross and obstacle” type use.

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