WAYALIFE Old Iron Recovery Rig

Been so long since I've posted on this thread, I almost forgot that I had started it LOL

Anyway, been needing a set of new shoes for a while now and got a set of Nitto Recon Grapplers. And, like a lot of Nitto tires, they come with 2 different sidewalls.

Aggressive shoulder lugs.
View attachment 400762

Modest shoulder lugs
View attachment 400763

I'm thinking aggressive but what do you think? 😁
Definatly the agressive side (y)


Aggressive does look better…but to OverlanderJK’s point, less goop thrown onto your truck with less side lugs…


Do aggressive, did you get new rims? Stock rims are narrow for 285, but they will work, I had to upgrade.
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