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Dear Cindy and Eddie,
I can not imagine how much work you put into this project every year. Your work shows how much you care about what you do.
The photos and videos are one of the main reason I joined this site. The great help and information is the reason I stick around.

Thank you.


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So glad WJCO made this thread! Thank you Eddie and Cindy so much for doing all that you do and working so hard to provide WAL with quality info and pictures of all the great things that are going on in the industry this year!


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You guys go above and beyond what is expected of you time and time again, thank you guys for all your hard work
Great idea for a thread! Thanks again Cindy and Eddie for the great coverage. My wife isn't happy now that I want to spend like 200 grand, but I enjoyed the coverage immensely! Seriously though, some of the best coverage of this event on any media platform. [emoji106]


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To WJCO thank you for creating this thread for two great people who put so much work into this forum for us to enjoy
Thank you Eddie and Cindy for the coverage


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Absolutely the best SEMA coverage out there. Thanks Cindy and Eddie for all the effort it took to do this for us. Only way it could have been better would to be there in person.
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