VIDEO - 2015 SEMA Show Highlights : Smittybilt Recon Overlander Trailer


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Info from the catalog Smittybilt was handing out in the SEMA booth.



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Anybody have an update on this?

I couldn't find anything on their website other than sometime in 2016.


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I was told by a Smittybilt rep at SEMA that the price was $5000. I saw one of Smittybilt's Jeeps pulling the trailer through town here in Moab yesterday, if I catch up with them here sometime during the week I'll ask them again about the price and status.


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I stopped into a 4WheelParts today, they called Smittybilt, and they said end of the year now. The guy at 4Wheel said he was also told there is going to be 3 different size options, no idea if that was as far as tires and lift, or the trailer itself.
Any new info on this? Word was available summer of 2016
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